Money Myth No.2: The Ultimate Goal Is More Money

The ultimate goal is not more money; the ultimate goal is more influence. Money is just one of the ways for us to get to a place of influence. Money is simply the vehicle - an important one, yes - but a vehicle nonetheless, not the destination itself. The goal is to use the wealth we gain to increase purchasing power, so that we may effectively impact and change the lives of those with whom we come into contact.

The Bible says "money answers all things". (Eccl 10:19) It answers problems. It provides solutions to things that plague our world. So, what you're after is the solution, not the money! Why is that important? It's important because it encourages us to spend our lives looking for problems to solve. Don't wake up every morning chasing dollars. Wake up every morning with the desire to uncover problems! Ask God to show you where you can be of help, where you can be of service. How you can make a difference? When you do that, then you are motivated to earn more money, motivated to create, to take action, to do what's necessary to gain wealth because you have a higher purpose for it.

When you look at wealth from this perspective, then you are perfectly positioned for God to bless you. When you concern yourself with the problems of the world - those near and far - then He can trust what you will do with the money He provides! He won't have to be concerned about you loving money (because we know 1Tim6:10 tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil). He knows that money will flow through you, not just to you. You won't store it up for your personal benefit, but effectively use it to solve problems...and that is the ultimate influence. If you do this, you'll find that the faucet of God's provision for you won't turn off! Door will open, advances will come, investors will call, and profitable "God ideas" will overwhelm you.

If you are in Christ, influence is the ultimate goal. Begin seeking influence today, not money. How can you influence what's happening here on earth? What are the things that matter to you? What problems are you passionate about solving? Once you determine what you desire to change, then focus your earning on solving those problems. That is what money is for...and trust me, if you do this, lots of it will come!

Article Source: LaVondilyn J. Watson

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