Rent Test Equipment - Ten Advantages

Renting test equipment can offer its customers a number of distinct advantages when taking on new test equipment. Essential testing equipment is often expensive, delicate machinery, prone to rapid technological updates and long delivery delays. Below are ten reasons why leasing makes a lot of sense, especially during the current economic climate and if you are operating on a tight budget.

1) There is no need to pay the full cost up front and you can spread payments over the duration of the lease. This means there is no need to bankrupt the company or take out an expensive loan to acquire the facilities you need.

2) Leasing can give you access to more up to date equipment or a better spec of machine that you may normally have not been able to afford. You are still left with the option of then buying the test machine once your contract ends or move on to the next latest model.

3) Companies can pay over a longer, fixed period of time, which makes budgeting and financing of capital equipment a lot easier as you spread the cost instead of making a one off payment.

4) Financial control and monitoring are simpler as payments and interest rates are agreed from the start of the contract and are at a set monthly rate.

5) Payments can be negotiated over a longer period and better suited to your expected monthly income, thus saving you from extra financial pressures.

6) Lease rental agreements are deductible from taxable income, making even more financial sense.

7) The lease hire company is normally responsible for maintenance and is responsible for the repair of the equipment if it breaks down.

8) Lease companies who deal regularly with manufacturers are likely to be able to negotiate preferential deals and better discounts than smaller operators.

9) Renting or leasing is an excellent way of testing new equipment to see if it meets your requirement and a lot less expensive than buying it outright only to find it's not what you were looking for.

10) Upgrades and replacement equipment are obtained quicker when you have a leasing contract than waiting on delivery from manufacturers. Often to take delivery of the most recent model you simply have to make a small adjustment to your monthly payments with the new contract, rather than having to paying out a large lump sum in one go.

Article Source: Alex Hunt

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